Selected Writing

12/22/17 Capital Press, Opinion, Carla Wise and Steve Ghan
Oregon can help stop climate change

5/23/17 Writers on the Range, High Country News
On climate change: ‘Do something, do anything, just don’t do nothing

2/6/17 Citizens’ Climate Lobby Blog
Marching toward a threshold on climate action

1/24/17 Huffington Post
Is 10% a magic number for climate action?

9/6/16 Citizens’ Climate Lobby Blog
Climate advocates must listen to progressives’ concerns too

1/15/15 Writers on the Range, High Country News
Climate Change Activism Needs Anybody

4/22/14 Corvallis Gazette-Times Op-Ed
As I See It: We can act to improve climate change outlook

Burning to Zero, in Facing the Change: Personal Encounters with Global Warming, Torrey House Press, 2013.

Fall, 2012 Take Root Magazine
Bringing in the Honey

Fall, 2011 The Forest log, HJ Andrews Experimental Forest
Looking for Solace in the Natural World

11/21/11 The Huffington Post
What the Food Movement Can Learn from OWS This Thanksgiving

6/16/11 Ten Rivers Food Web
As Climate Change Begins Threatening the World’s Food Supply, Going Local Makes More Sense than Ever

6/1/11 Huffington Post
Lessons From the Rapture That Wasn’t for the Climate Movement? No–Just Ideas on a Way Forward.

5/16/11 Writers on the Range, High Country News
Me and my SUV

1/24/11 High Country News
Small poultry farmers grapple with lack of slaughterhouses

9/24/10 The Huffington Post
The Latest Threat to Industrial Agriculture: The Local Foods Movement?

3/15/10 High Country News
Inspired by nature, Biomimicry inventors tackle environmental problems

1/5/10 Writers on the Range, High Country News
When doing the right thing gets complicated

5/12/09 Ten Rivers Food Web
Food Miles and Carbon footprints: Facing the Complexities.

5/11/09 High Country News
From Grass To Grains

11/08 Natural Choice Directory
Bounty and Opportunity—Local Food in the Willamette Valley

10/17/08 The Huffington Post Green
Climate Change Action a Casualty of the Economic Crisis?  Not So Fast.

5/12/08 High Country News
Climate Revolutionary: Creating a legal framework for saving our planet.

September 2008, The Utne Reader
Green All the Lawyers

3/21/08 Eat Drink Better
If Things Fall Apart, What Will You Eat?

3/6/08 Eat Drink Better
A Minnesota Farmer Takes on Farm Subsidies, and Creates a Stir

1/17/08 The Huffington Post
How Oil Finds its Way Into Your Starbucks Latte, and other Good News

12/10/07 Writers on the Range, High Country News
Searching for flour where the wheat grows

Climate Projections: Uncertain but Certainly Worse

Is John Dingell for real? Floating a carbon tax

2/21/07 The Huffington Post
Teeter Totters and Tipping Points

11/06/06 The Oregonian Op-Ed
One fearless act for California’s top actor

09/04/06 Writers on the Range, High Country News
Gutsy science wins the day

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